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Hello VPS and Hosting providers,  


I create completely custom website designs for hosting companies and general businesses. As you probably know, having a custom site can make your brand stand out from the crowd. You may be losing clients simply because you use a well-known Template that hasn't been modified, or have a low quality website. 


The websites I make are based completely on your input. You can even show me examples of websites that you like -- yours can be modeled after them. If you decide the cost would be too much, I'm available for hourly work and can make changes to your current website template. 


As I am trying to Build up my Portfolio and don't have any other web design projects going on, I can offer a very large discount. Also, if paying hourly worries you, we can discuss an upfront cost before beginning work. Let's get started whenever you're ready.


I provide many other services as well such as Business logos, mascot designs, brochures, flyers, banners, headers / sliders, custom graphics, and MORE! I know a lot about the Hosting industry, so you can be sure the marketing material would be very effective. 

A bit of my work:

Thanks for considering my services.




Contact Me:

Skype: eunger9






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I am also in the market for a site redesign. How are you with WHMCS integration?