HIRING: Chinese L1 Support + Sales Representative


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We are looking for a guy who would deal with our Chinese customers's sales + support needs in Chinese language.

Optionally speaking good English preferred as well to deal with other customers as well while online.

You won't need to be too experienced with managing VPSes. This is just for Level 1 support. You'll simply reply Level 1 support tickets as well as sales tickets AND translate the Level 2 support tickets and a Level 2 admin will attend the job and update you, and you'll reply to the customer.

Payments will be done on each Saturday weekly.

You'll be dealing with 1-3 tickets a day on average (this might go up in a few weeks to 3-5, be prepared) and work in Chinese timezone.

Please email at [email protected] with your experience in hosting industry, if any and weekly expected pay.

Thank you!