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I'm very busy these days so I cannot attend for this project myself. Instead, I'm looking for a guy who is well experienced in hosting industry and have at least one week free time to follow up a hosting web design / website project for me. Preferably someone very good with English language.

You'll need to:

  • Research about popular managed VPS providers' web sites
  • Get in touch with my designer and get pages designed
  • Push the designer to get the pages done fast
  • When design is done, enter all content to the web site and make it ready to go live
  • Be available on skype and report me regularly
  • Optionally come up with a good pricing structure for the products


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Could you provide further information on amount your prepared to spend ect via PM? I'd be interested to find out more :)

And also would this be a short term agreement?
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Getting in touch with providers to ask what questions? Could you please elaborate?



I'm a native born English speaker living in the United States who has a passion for the hosting industry, web development, and content writing. I'll be more than happy to take up this task for you :)

Please add me with Skype if you would like to consider the possibility of potentially hiring me; my Skype username is: GVH-Jonathan

Looking forward to chatting with you!


- Jon