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Get your site up and running at our Atlanta, GA facility!

Get 60% off your first invoice on Cloudy, Mist, or Rain plans! Use coupon code: ATL34

Why Choose Host Mist?
+ Experience - Over four years of service!
+ Tier-1 Network - Host Mist's network features multiple tier-1 providers!
+ Powerful Servers - Dual Quads, 24 GB ram, Hardware RAID 10, SSD for cache.
+ 99.9% uptime SLA - We guarantee it!
+ Feature rich! - Softaculous and Google Apps installed for your use!
+ Cloudlinux - Monitor your site's resource usage and rest easy knowing one account can't take a whole server down.
+ Support - We're here to answer your support questions.

All shared hosting plans come with:
- cPanel
- Cloudlinux
- Idera Nighly Offiste Backups
- Google Apps
- Softaculous Script Library
- Unlimited features (except for what's specified)

Featured plans:

Disk Space: 1 GB
Bandwidth: 10 GB
Addon Domains: 5
Price (Yearly): $12.95~ $1.08 per month!!
Order (SSL Secured):

Disk Space: 5 GB
Bandwidth: 50 GB
Price (Monthly): $3.95
Price (Yearly): $39.50
Order (SSL Secured):

Disk Space: 10 GB
Bandwidth: 100 GB
Price (Monthly): $5.95
Price (Yearly): $59.50
Order (SSL Secured):

Disk Space: 15 GB
Bandwidth: 150 GB
Price (Monthly): $7.95
Price (Yearly): $79.00
Order (SSL Secured):

Payment Options:
Google Checkout
Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, etc) via Stripe

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Could you please clarify this?  This actually really intrigues me.  Would it be possible to add more accounts to this as well?
Sure, we have a Google Apps plugin in our cPanel. This allows for you to switch to Google for your e-mail, use Google Docs with your site, and configure your Google Calendar with your site.

Each domain can be configured to use a separate Google Apps account. If I recall, Google charges $5 per user.


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Well let me know in if you do.  I might be interested just for this!  
I have set this up, though a bit of a manual process. If someone orders Cloudy, Mist, or Rain, I will knock $1 off the subscription price for the 1st user. ($4 for one apps account / domain). Simply submit a ticket after registration and mention Google Apps discount.