Host your own DNS or use a DNS specialist company?


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That depends on what you are trying to do and what you are trying to achieve. 

Your DNS:
Complete control over your DNS, you can make your changes, have multiple failover setups and won't cost you additional to set up a private DNS

Using Premium DNS:
Depends on which one you are choosing but can take of things like DDoS protection, Anycast DNS, CDN, etc. all integrated, so you go through less hassle. 

It depends on what you are trying to achieve and based on that you can make a decision.


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For me it's definitely better to use a third-party DNS that's 100% independent from your host. This way you get flexibility during downtimes and site migrations.


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I recommend if you know how to do your own or you can get someone to set it up for you then you should do that

if not then you can try CloudFare