Hosting Marketing Strategies


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If only @drmike were here, since he taught me a ton and really deserves some credit. Well, here goes a list, in no particular order:
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Web forums
  • Email list marketing (mind you, this is not the same as shotgunning the same deals out to your email list every week and waiting for unsubscribes)
  • Affiliate marketing ($$$$-$$$$$$)
  • Guest posting quality content on industry blogs
  • News write ups
Find the ways that you would like to market, make sure that they fit into your budget, and then continue with them. No single marketing scheme should be one-pronged, and you should carry out your marketing plan remembering to sow your seeds every day, and eventually you will have something.

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Really we just focus on our local Clients. Go to networking events, Chamber events, Take care of those customers and word of mouth gets out and you will soon have others signing up.

Not the fastest way to grow your business but then again doesn't really cost you anything. With this you now have a great core foundation of clients.


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Adwords and Forum marketing works really well. Word of moth is still a nice way to get more clients.
Above all your service quality matters.


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  • Keyword Targeting
  • Content Optimization
  • Creating "Link Bait" & "Share Bait"
  • Natural Link Building
  • Increasing Your Reach
  • SEO(on page and off page seo)
  • SMM


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We tried some of Brian Dean's content marketing ideas and one of my posts has received 10K+ visitors in a few months. All organic. :)


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Mainly marketing depends on your client. Sometime ideas work but most important is your brain strategies


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SEO for the long term, adwords for the short term.
While the other options above are generally worth it, don't expect miracles.


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Best way to market your hosting products is to go with best off-page seo techniques , SMM , Guest posting. Create brand awareness for your hosting products .Often do competitive analysis