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Hostpoco is a privately-owned professional web hosting company. Since our inception, we have experienced tremendous growth and popularity thanks to our affordable high-performance web hosting services supported by the excellent level of service we deliver to our customers. We are offering perfectly managed and specified Cheap Linux reseller hosting services which offer you the freedom to set unlimited resources for the clients hosted with your reseller account. Also, you can design your own package and limiting the resources accordingly.

Some reasons to host with us:

- We have a 99.99% uptime guarantee.
- Anti-DDoS Protection.
- Based on Cloud Clustered Solution.
- Pure SSD Raid Protected Storage(For SSD Plans)
- You can use Free SSL certificates on any shared hosting plan.
- We allow unlimited features and overselling too
- We use advanced mail filters against SPAM emails.
- We use the popular cPanel control panel for all its features and to make it easy to migrate your website to our services.
- We take a nightly backup of all accounts and store them on a different network, off-site and cloud environment - no way we lose your important files.
- We take more secure measure to protect backup files as we use data vaults.
- We are using the latest technology based on CloudLinux OS.
- We run latest PHP version and available to select from version 5.x to 7.x.
- We run latest Perl, CGI, PHP, Python, and Ruby.
- We run latest MariaDB database.
- We are happy to help you to migrate your website to our services.
- We offer a full 30 days money-back guarantee

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