HostVenom LLC: Chicago - E3v2 -16GB RAM - $79/m

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HostVenom LLC


Why HostVenom LLC?

Cisco Powered Network

99.99% Uptime SLA

We own all our equipment from servers to networking gear, we are not resellers. 

Reseller Program Available

Spare parts kept onsite.

IPv4 & IPv6 available to all clients.




Server Location: 725 S Wells, Chicago IL



Special #1

Quad-core Xeon E3-1230v2

-16GB ECC DDR3 Ram


-5TB on 100Mbps(1 Gbps port Available)

-/30 IPv4 Allocation (1 Usable IPs)

-Dedicated KVM/IPMI (Includes Virtual Media)

$79/m for Life Coupon Code: XGRI6J6Z5H

Contact us at sales[at]hostvenom[dot]com with any configuration needs not listed on the order form.




IP Allocations:

/29 (5 Usable IP Addresses) $5/m

/28 (13 Usable IP Addresses) $13/m

/27 (29 Usable IP Addresses) $29/m

/26 (61 Usable IP Addresses) $61/m


/64 IPv6 Allocation FREE


For additional upgrades please contact sales[at]hostvenom[dot]com


Customized Hardware

We are happy to order customized hardware for any client. Many of our clients already use customized hardware.


If you have any questions, or configuration needs please contact us.


--Email: sales[at]hostvenom[dot]com!

--Skype: hostvenomllc

--Phone: 845-459-5973