How bad do you think the Hynix FABs being shut off will effect everyone?


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I already said earlier that Samsung and Micron will rule. Someone started bashing me about Hynix being huge. Well, here we go :)

More inflation and price fixing ahead.


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Samsung is definitely going to benefit from this as they're the only ones after hynix to have completed development of DDR4 products. 


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That fire is 15% of RAM production capacity up in flames.  

It is significant, but shouldn't be enough for pricing gouging like drives and the Thai flooding.

In reality?  Businesses exploit opportunities. 

That's why I don't buy cutting edge.  I only buy products lines where they've long recouped investment and are selling bulk warehoused production.

Now what was the cause of this fire?   Would have hated to live around there breathing that stuff.


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Memory pricing seems to be increasing with our hardware vendor... We'll see how long this increase continues.