How much would you pay for these?


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.... What did you do? It's pretty hard to get in a fight with someone who is trying to sell you something...
Indeed if you have the money and want to pay for it, including build out which can be a significant expense, I can't see why they wouldn't take your money..

Getting decent fiber to the home is not always possible, I know FPL Fibernet (Joe should know them) wouldn't do any service to residential areas, even if it was for home based business and I was willing to pay for the build-out.
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Also, why do so many dedicated server providers advertise servers with only 1 drive?  Is that the equivalent of the car commercials that show the price of the base model.  Who gets a server without at least Raid 1?

I did multiple times over years. It depends on your application. Some apps are more RAM intensive. Some tend to hit the disk harder. I don't know how long you've been in the hosting industry but you will learn this in time. Lots of hosts offer what look like unbalanced servers to the untrained eye i.e. servers that have more of one resource compared to others. They know there is a market for this sort of thing. An example being FDC servers that specialises in high bandwith servers.


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You're not going to get fiber in your apartment building.. I don’t think your landlord would approve any of that.

I don't think you would even be able to get this working well enough because of power constraints. You'll probably get 15amps and anything over that you could cause a fire.


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I'm starting to think that the whole Incero thing was more my fault than Gordon's.
I know it was, but let me be clear about the context in which I say that. When Ryan and myself started out, we both had unreal expectations, we complained way more than was reasonable, and we burned bridges. There's this moment where your vision meets reality and an inevitable clash ensues. Some of those who have been in the industry longer like to pretend they didn't go through it, and for all I know maybe some didn't, but at some point your perception and youthful vision has to clash with reality. You can't avoid it. You're doing well, keep it up.