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Still, stuck between how to buy a domain name and how to get it? Well, say bye totally to that query as we have brought you a well-acknowledged answer to this question. Let gets know about it in the five simple steps.

1. Look for a perfect domain registrar -Nowadays, every hosting provider is very advanced and well acquainted with their services. And for that reason, there is very much competition in the hosting industry. Also, you know the best among them choose that web hosting provider whom you are satisfied with also for that, nowadays free usage is also provided by many web hosting. Well, also look after the plans and prices they are providing and compare them with their other hosting competitors with proper research to choose the perfect hosting provider.

2. Check for its availability before registering - The next big task is to check for the availability of that particular domain in which you were keeping an eye to register. Check whether it's already registered or not before purchasing; well, there is a very popular tool where you can check for the availability of the domain, i.e. Whois tool does verify it first from there and then take the step of the purchase.

3. Pick a plan for your domain - The last and probably the most important step is to pick a suitable domain, register it with your domain registrar, and make it all yours.

Hope you got the answer you were really looking for.