How-To: Fail2Ban with Blocklist (automatic Abuse-Mails w/ X-arf)


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Hey VPS Board,

i've just finished my article about how to use Fail2Ban with Blocklist. As I personally and also our company likes Blocklist and we support it, we thought providing an easy tutorial would bring it to peoples attention that such a project existed.

Blocklist receives your Fail2Ban E-Mails and generates an automated Abuse-Report including your logs. You can also replace details you do not want to give out (this can be done via the blocklist control panel). Blocklist also ensures that hosters don't get spammed by abuse reports and limits the amount per IP to one per day. Hosters can pause notifications for one week. 

You can find the tutorial on how-to setup Fail2Ban with Blocklist on the RootNerds Blog.

Please let me know your opinion!