How to make sure I don't return to your website...


Yeah, I immediately leave any website that asks me to sign up, connect/share with a social network, fill out a survey, or anything like that in order to view content. 

I find it interesting that nearly 300 people have shared it on one social network or another. Their strategy must be working with some people. 


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That survey part is Google Consumer Surveys, which I don't really mind -- it's a way for site owners to monetize without using display ads, and it's two clicks (two questions) at the most, which is a lot faster than those annoying timed interstitial ads.

Mandatory sharing or registration, though, which is a different thing entirely... I hate.


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Isn't this Quora? I get annoyed at it every time I find an interesting article from that site on Google.


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Yeah, well I block most everything from Gulagle Inc. 

Never saw these before :)

The web is much nicer when you control the guests to your browser house party.


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@concerto49 Add a &share=1 to the end, it'll bypass the registration requirement. I actually have an account with Quora and enjoy it, but the login-wall is a barrier. :(
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Throw that into a bookmark, put it on your bookmark bar, when something is there that you hate, or is hiding content just hit that button.  It'll either remove it if it's an ad network that's known to it, or it'll give you the option to select the element yourself.


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On this type of website, I prefer to press "ctrl+w" on firefox browser :)
I keep doing that by mistake between searching for things in nano then moving to the browser and hitting ctrl+w instead of contrl+f and exiting myself out of tabs.

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I keep doing that by mistake between searching for things in nano then moving to the browser and hitting ctrl+w instead of contrl+f and exiting myself out of tabs.
touch ~/.nanorc
echo "bind ^F whereis main" >> ~/.nanorc

Ctrl-F will now perform text searches just as Ctrl-W did.