How To Utilize the 3 As (Acknowledge, Align, Assure) Properly

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    Every now and then I come across a support representative that solves the problem but still leaves with that absent feeling. Almost like they didn't care about what just happened. I know from experience that at the end of the day it can become more challenging to efficiency convey the fact that you care about the customer and their problem(s). Regardless of the time of day it is imperative that you are able to do this effectively because in that moment in time you are the voice/face of the company you work for. If you mess up a relationship with a customer then the next person that interacts with that  customer will have to work twice as hard to not only fix the original problem the customer contacted you about but repair the broken and potentially lost relationship as well.

    Let's take a look at a chat log and see how the 3 As can properly be used to help the customer feel like they are actually cared about.

    In the above excerpt Kim (the representative) Acknowledged that John (the customer) was having an issue with his invoicing and demonstrated that she understood how annoying it could be if it was left unchecked. She also set a reasonable amount of time to work to get this issue solved. She also Aligns herself with the customer by stating that she would feel the same way if she were in the customers shoes.

    We also need to assure the customer that we are going to be able to solve their issue.

    In the above chat log we observed how to properly use the 3 As... Acknowledge, Align and Assure to demonstrate to a customer that care about them and their situation. We also observed proper positioning for when research is required.

    I hope this helps.
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    Good submission. Somehow I had just seen this and didn't spot it when it was submitted. Thanks for sharing.