How was your memorial day weekend?


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This forum needed a new topic so I am going to make one!

What did you all do?

I took a needed 3-4day rest. The best that I could.


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Work and Grill, Grill and Work... Repeat :p

It was great though, couldn't have asked for better!  Warm weather + sunny :)
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Memorial day, wait do you youngsters even know what that day is all about?

I had some quiet time for a change.  For that I am quite thankful.


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Was also my birthday weekend, so I went camping and drank Brandy in the woods. Steaks were cooked over a fire, a can of chili was warmed over a fire. It all tasted like sweet freedom and liberty and for that I am thankful.

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Saturday and Sunday were average, but on Monday by some miracle my allergies decided to take some time off and the weather was beautiful, so I did some hiking, biking, and lawn mowing. Great day.