HTTP Zoom got ganked and your info is floating the internet.


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More fallout from using WHMCS, another hacked host:

Hey There,

It has come to our attention that the recent WHMCS hacks have resulted in a breach of our security.

While the hacks were happened we implemented security such as Mod_Security rules as well as deploying the WHMCS updates ASAP, this however may not have been enough.

We are continuing to investigate and will update all customers ASAP.

Thank you, HTTP Zoom


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HTTPZoom got ganked and like almost every other small provider (and a large percentage of small businesses) who has gotten ganked didn't follow proper notification procedures (I posted links to the UK notification requirements on LET). 

The potential costs associated with a databreach can kill a small business and not following proper notification procedures increases your potential liability.  Google 'costs of data breach to small business'...
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