ICC Cricket WorldCup 2015


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More than 1 billion people all around the world are suffering from Cricket fever these days So, I thought to start this Topic here in "The Pub". I wonder if we have some Cricket fans over here with us, as everyone is so busy in managing their servers. :D

Who is gonna win the ICC Cricket WorldCup 2015?

Who is your best batsman?

Who is your best bowler?

Who is your best wicket keeper?

Who is your best fielder?

Me, I can say INDIA gonna take WorldCup trophy back to home.

Shahid Afridi (Pakistan) can boom the balls.

Mitchell Johnson (Australia) knows how to ball and in speed.

MS Dhoni (India) is the best wicket keeper.

No one is better than South African's fielders.

You can find ICC Cricket Worldcup 2015 Fixtures here:
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It's going to be either Australia or New Zealand this year. I think NZ is more likely which would be about time for them since they keep going to semi finals and then crashing out.

India unfortunately lacks bowlers. The conditions are not favourable to sub-continent teams.