Install OpenVZ on CentOS 6


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LOL. Not because of that. It is just that this panel is heavily attached to OS,
It's been a while and my memory may be off, but aren't they also slower to update their Debian repo than their RHEL repo? The OpenVZ project that is. Pretty sure the Debian repo doesn't have the latest kernel in it. I know repo isn't a big deal, but hey if you can save time where spending extra time doesn't gain you anything, that's just more time to spend on security audits and reading patch notes.
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SolusVM = Unicycle?  Not in the sense that providers that use it are clowns ;) But that its difficult and dangerous security wise. 
Any panel that has a similar design to SolusVM will be equally dangerous security-wise.  The design is just total crap...


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while I prefer doing everything manually, this could come in handy in case I'll need quick provisioning

thank you jarland


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I always run an ssh instance on port 22. which serves the sole purpose of logging probing ips.. it wont allow anyone to log in :D thats the job of another ssh instance running on always different ports on every server..

Some nice information in here!

How about blocking SSH connections to port 22... I kid I kid :p