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Before we proceed with the installation of Centos Web Panel :


Requirements and instructions:

At least one static IP with your VPS. (Internal IP address are not supported by this control panel)

If you wanted to remove Centos Web Panel. You need to do a reinstall on your VPS.

Install on a fresh centos Operating system.


Login with your VPS as 'root' user.


First setup your hostname

# vim /etc/sysconfig/network

Change your hostname name within this file. Your hostname will be changed after next reboot.


Setup your nameserver IPs

# vi /etc/nameservers

In most of VPS this is configured already. If not enter the following lines.



Save the file" :wq! "


A static IP must be configured and provided by your VPS provider. If not contact your service provider.


We recommend to have at least a VPS with 4GB of ram to gain full functionality.


Use a Centos 6.5 version template available from your Control Panel.


During first installation run the following commands:


#yum install wget -y

#yum update -y




After reboot, run the following commands: 

#cd /usr/local/src


#sh cwp-latest


Reboot your VPS once more:



Now your Centos Web Panel will be available at 

http://<your static IP>:2030/


For example:


1. Setup your shared IP after login.

2. Setup your one hosting package.

3. Setup your root email to receive emails.


Host your domains and enjoy!


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Bad Goy
I only glanced over the demo for a mere few seconds, and to me, that interface does look promising. However, I cannot say anything about the backend/script itself, as I haven't checked it. The design, however, did look nice and appealed to me.


XFuse Solutions, LLC
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I ran it for some sites a while back. I enjoyed it. The biggest issue I ran into was the lack of proper dedicated IP support. I eventually figured it all out, but it was just a pain. The panel itself is pretty good though, and for free, you can't expect much better. I've been toying around with the idea of setting up a preinstalled OpenVZ template, but we'll see.