IP6.IM - Free IPv6 Tunnel service, Free /44 IPv6 space for BGP/Announce


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I'd like to introduce you to a new project I pull up with a few partner ISPs - We currently offer a few free services:

- IPv6 address assignments for announce in any datacenter/ISP:

  • Get up to a /44 (16 /48) for announce in any datacenter (check non-inclusive list of recommended/tested ISPs here: )
  • Allocations are permanent, contracts for up to 10 years are available on request (Contract fee applies, contract with EU entity)
  • Full RIPE control for the subnet, create your own WHOIS entries (up to /128s! Perfect for geolocation and similar) and delegate blocks to customers/locations/etc + RDNS delegation on /48 level
This is a mature service tested over the last weeks, no beta anymore, turnaround time is usually around 12 hours. With this service you can keep your range while changing ISPs and never need to renumber again. Anycast supported with multiple ISPs announcing it.

Please note that your data will be public in the RIPE database, if you want we can also allocate it only on a nickname (but needs public email address for abuse), please pm me for this before "ordering".

Secure Orderform: 

- Tunnelbroker Accounts:

No IPv6 at home or on your server? You still want to participate in "Internet 2.0" and/or access free services like some Usenet providers? No problem at all!

Our Tunnelbroker service gives you a /47 (2 /48, ~130000 /64) for your own setup. Currently in Beta, slots are limited. Only requirement currently is a static IPv4 (dynamic supported after beta) and a DD-WRT or better router (any OS supported) to run the tunnel.

  • /47 allocation free
  • /48 allocation reserved additionally for Anycast
  • RIPE delegated to your data including abuse contact
  • Multiple POP locations (currently available Kiev, Ukraine - Amsterdam, Netherlands and Kowloon, HK)
  • Unmetered Traffic (Fair use, soft limit around 10TB/Tunnel/Month in EU and 1TB in Asia) @ 1Gbps shared (Ukraine 10Gbps)
  • Tunnel via IPIP or GRE (OpenVPN L2 in alpha testing, NL only - Tinc available on request in all locations, also alpha)
  • RDNS delegated to your DNS
This is essentially the same service as our non-tunneled IP allocations with us as ISP that announces it, you can move this network to your datacenter/ISP at any time so no need to renumber in the future once your ISP supports IPv6 (if they are willing to announce it or give you BGP).

What is the difference between us and other tunnel brokers you may want to know?

  • /47 allocation instead of /64 (or /48) by default
  • BGP available with full table (including Cogent and Chinese carriers) or default route, does not require public ASN like HE (beta, public ASN of course also supported)
  • Anycast available across all our locations (very alpha, with a reserved /48 outside your /47 alloc), configure tunnels on multiple servers and get traffic to the nearest one
  • No SMTP/Port blocks
  • RIPE WHOIS delegated to you, including ability to create smaller objects with other data
  • Move tunnel between locations without renumbering (takes 1-2 days, downtime ~1 hour)
  • Traffic statistics available, including ability to connect by SNMP and get data for only your "switchport" (alpha, requires SNMP client with ability to set port)
For now there are 10 tunnels available in NL, 5 in HK and 20 in UA. If you have ability to test features (BGP, Anycast) we can create some additional as exception.

Order (does not display when out of stock, will notify you by mail):

Questions, Comments? Anything? :)


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I would love to get BGP tunnelbroker + /47 or /48.

For now there are 10 tunnels available in NL, 5 in HK and 20 in UA. If you have ability to test features (BGP, Anycast) we can create some additional as exception.

I have ability to test BGP on my mikrotik router.

I would highly appreciate if you can create one for me as exception.

RIPE handles ready;
mntner= volkirik-mnt
abuse-c= ACRO17178-RIPE