Is the internet working in Syria


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Do you think the net is working in Syria and if they had a data center with war coming is it boom proof. Are they hosting companies in Syria who are now out of business. 


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I don't think they have a stable enough connection or enough connectivity to be an option.

There was that one provider that hosted out of Egypt but I think they died off.

There was a good few dedicated hosting companies out of Isreal and they even had some form of DDOS filtering.



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Of course it does, in some areas. Most Syrian's who are in war torn areas are using sattelite internet anyway which connects to neighbouring counties afaik. Even normal internet connections in Syria pre-war/uprising was terribly rubbish, used to cut out at multiple times of the day. The thing is the internet companies are owned by the government so yeah.


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I'm sure they have datacenters and computer rooms there, though I wouldn't want to host there. Too much unrest and turmoil right now. I'd hate for my remote hands staff to get caught in the middle of some pissing match and get murdered on their way to replace a failed drive, and I'd hate to have anything important there until (or if) this all blows over.


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Syria is on the US enemy list for whatever reason.  So you can expect luxuries like internet to go offline pretty quickly. 

Satellite of every sort seems to be way more popular in the Middle East than the west. 

Hopefully, those birds don't get blocked by US intelligence.

Maintaining a connection to the outside world is important for transparency on both sides.  When things go offline, the horror that no one may see or hear. 

Oh war, look at what you do to humanity.