Is there any easy way to do this? (Netflix)


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What I have is at work I the network blocks Netflix (Bandwidth Abuse). I can use a proxy / vpn and access it fine. However they keep blacklisting VPN's they catch. The other problem is for most of our companys internal programs the connection must come from an internal IP that's static to you via mac reservations.

I have no access to any of the routers or networking equipment.

They have Netflix blocked by hostnames and ip's.

RDP by default and VNC default ports are blocked by default.

Currently I am accessing it by Slingbox -> Xbox 360 -> Netflix through that however there is a nice jitter.

Essentially I only really have access via "web". I have all these wonderful VPN's and servers and I'm hoping to come up with a solution that could resolve this.

What I am wondering if it's possible / out there already / how hard to "embed" Netflix into another site name and that way only receive packets from that site and receive nothing from *netflix*.

example: -> would have some kinda "iframe" (not really but like that) would do all the server to server communication then relay it back to me at that site so all traffic logs would show TX and RX from and in doing so hoping to not lose any quality or have voice sync or jitter.

I'm bad at explaining so please feel free to crucify me. :)

Thank you!



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SInce Netflix has DRM and delivers content over SSL, you're not going to be able to do a high level proxy like that. Only option is VPN.

Best bet is to either hide the VPN better (mask it as https traffic, run OpenVPN on 443 with TCP?) or use an alternative VPN (ICMP or DNS are both nice obscure options)


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If it was just about the website itself, you could've done some magic in nginx but since it involves content that is in a CDN that would be hard. As far as I'm aware the only real way is a tunnelled connection e.g. VPN etc. I hate squid but you could always use some sort of squid proxy that only processes netflix, there are ways around like that and probably for VPN's too.


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I don't know where you work or what you do there, so maybe this isn't a concern, but working around a policy they've put in place like this would be a fireable offense at some workplaces.