It's 2015, shouldn't your company be operating in Los Angeles already? 40A 120V Full Cabinet - $799


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Verified Provider is definitely not the cheapest in LA, and there's good reason for that. Just the same, we are definitely not "expensive".

Don't you think you should base your business on a datacenter that maintains margins appropriate to stay in business for the long term?

We are debt-free and have weathered the economic downturn without a blip. The reliability of your datacenter is crucial, pick someone who will support you the best.

We are home to POP's of many large websites and companies, some that you visit every single day (or many of you, multiple times an hour). We can't release their names publicly, but come see us for a tour and maybe you'll get a hint...  :D

Are you a VPS provider? What's a better way to start off the new year than expanding to Los Angeles, a growing & in-demand location? Or maybe you are looking to switch away from your current provider? We are currently running a special for a full cabinet in our Los Angeles datacenter! All pricing and configurations below are only valid for new or addon services as part of this limited time and limited stock promotion.

Our datacenter footprint in LA is over 60,000 square feet spread over 7 individual datacenters in the 530 West 6th Street, Telecom Center LA building. We are the largest tenant in the building occupying space on 6 different floors. We operate our LA colo as our primary flagship location, this is not an "secondary" site that has been recently turned up to try and target a different market. Our engineers work for QuadraNet full time and work out of the same datacenters that your equipment is in!

We mean, actually on-site, 24 hours of every single day. Not "a quick drive away", or "down the street" or "some guy we are friends with who works near by". Our engineers work for QuadraNet full time and work out of the same datacenters that your equipment is in.

We employ our own in-house staff of network admins, support techs, provisioning techs, datacenter engineering (minor electrical / hvac), and more. We are fully staffed for any required tasks in our datacenters.  We are not a "lights out" or "business hours" operation, we are truly here 24 hours a day!

Our customers have grown to expect a certain level of service, one that we push to provide every single day. We understand that without satisfied customers, we are not in business!

Full Cabinet Colocation Special - Available in Los Angeles Only

[] 42U Locking Full Rack Colocation - 40A 120v

[] 20AMP 120V Power Circuit 5-20R (Primary/Full Load)

[] 20AMP 120V Power Circuit 5-20R (Primary/Full Load)

[] 100Mbps Dedicated QuadraNet Bandwidth

[] 1Gbps Network Uplink

[] /26 IPv4 Allocation – 61 Usable IPv4 addresses

[] /64 IPv6 Allocation - Millions of IPs

Price per month: $799 

Contract Terms: 24-Months


Order: email [email protected]

Do you have your own IP allocation? We can announce your own IPs at no charge, just provide us with a LOA! If not, QuadraNet also offers additional IPs for just 50 cents each.

Contact me today and let's see how QuadraNet can help your hosting business, at the very least I'd love to be a resource! Add me on Skype: QuadraNet.Adam

All colocation plans also come with these FREE EXTRAS, available 24/7!

  • 24/7 Reboots
  • Button Pushing
  • Screen Readouts
  • External Device Attachment/Movement (CDROM,KVMIP,Adapters,etc)
  • Hot-Swap HDD Replacements / Additions
  • Hot/Cold Swappable PSUs
  • Blade Server Additions
  • Initial Server Racking and Initial Cabinet Wiring Labor (client must provide rack rails when necessary and cabling/material)
Need a custom solution? Our expert sales staff will be happy to work up a special package tailored to your specific requirements! Email [email protected]
Test our network!

Los Angeles IPv4:

Los Angeles, Asian Optimized IPv4:

Los Angeles IPv6: 2607:fcd0:0:a::1

The QuadraNet Network

Using our years of experience in the industry and having used and tested essentially every network backbone available, our list of networks has been chosen based on the strengths each one provides both individually and combined with the rest of our networks. We KNOW what works, where it works, and how it should be used to best provide YOU with the highest performance available.

QuadraNet Los Angeles Backbones

GT-T/TiNet -- Transit -- 1 x 10Gbps

PCCW/BTN -- Transit -- 1 x 10Gbps

ChinaUnicom -- Transit -- 1 x 10Gbps

NTT -- Transit -- 2x 10Gbps - ONLINE NOW!

Equinix Exchange -- Peering -- 1 x 10Gbps

Any2Exchange -- Peering - 1 x 10Gbps -- Peering -- 2 x 10Gbps

HiNet Taiwan -- Peering -- 1 x 10Gbps

Plus hundreds of additional network peers

Our customers have grown accustomed to receiving an extremely high level of service, which is one that we strive to provide every single day. Our business depends on your happiness, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure it.

Want more information? Give us a call or email us:

T: 1-888-5-QUADRA (578-2372)

E: [email protected]


Tweet us: @quadranet

Facebook: QuadraNet's Facebook Page

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