It's vpsBoard's birthday! Happy one year birthday!


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Woot - time is flying by.

If someone would had told me one year ago that vpsboard would be like this ... I would had some doubts.

Yet another board - but heck this board has a great community.

I like the mixture of people and I like the debate culture.

So if someone wants to make a birthday present - just try to keep this place as designed.


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Aight guys. I'll have the complete contest stuff posted later.

Prizes I want to give out:

Raspberry Pi's

IRCCloud Subscriptions

Domains/SSL registrations.

Logo design from Ypson

Perhaps service from a VPS provider that isn't represented here.

Maybe something else. In the future I want to get some vpsB shirts and stickers made so I can give those out whenever I feel like it, though nothing will be ready in time for this.

Details aren't final yet, probably do a contest that incorporates tutorial/how-to creation or other content creation like reviews or helpful bash scripts/tools that would be beneficial to the community. Thoughts?


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How about cash??
May be willing to do a small cash prize paid via PayPal, but not going to replace the items listed above in exchange for cash... Actually, the IRCCloud prize is on the fence because they only offer recurring monthly payments... I emailed the team to see if they'd let me buy two annual accounts and haven't heard back. I'll dump that prize if I don't hear back from them soon as I'm not going to pay $5/mo each month for them, too complicated. Would rather just give them $120 for two accounts and tell them to apply the credit for this winner and that winner who chose them. Otherwise I'll just get more Raspberry Pi's or maybe do $50 in 'cash' so the winner can do with it what they want.


Congratulations VPSBoard and @MannDude for taking it to this level. I'm looking forward for what's next to come.
And @KuJoe congrat's to you too, take care of the little one.

Keep it up guys.


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Woo! This is exciting. There are a lot of great members here whom are way more knowledgeable than I am so I won't keep my hopes high but I really would like to try out for the Raspberry Pi. Anyway, happy birthday to VPSB, I cannot believe that it has been a year! And it is really great of you, MannDude to be having this contest.