Kickstarter - What's the neatest startup you've put/been tempted to put money towards?


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The title says it all!

Of course with Kickstarter and the various other ways to crowd fund, there are thousands of 'meh' startups/projects with the odd good one. I killed half an hour last night browsing, but I was wondering... Have any of you came across any projects that you have (or been tempted to) put money towards? If so, please link!

By no means am I excluding the other crowd funding platforms, if you've came across other startups outside of Kickstarter that are neat, please post 'em!


For some reason or another I am never able to use Amazon Payments to pay for anything, so I can't really use Kickstarter. I wanted to help fund Pebble, git-annex assistant, Chameleon, and the Ouya.


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This isn't VPS/technology related either, but the closest I've come to throwing some money into something was the awesome Robotech RPG Tactics kickstarter - not that they need my money, the target was $70k and they're just short of a $1m now with over two days to go.