Last Movie You Saw?

TekStorm - Walter

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I just saw Furious 7, it was an amazing movie, i think i will go back and see it again. Some of the things they did were abit far out there but its the movies not like that shit will happen in real life.


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Sword of Vengeance and Insurgent, both good movies. Going to see Ex Machina as it comes out in 2 days.


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"Trading Places" with Dan Aykroyd  & Eddy Murphy, classic movie love it, its only netflix.
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The last one I saw was God Help the Girl...and it was a total snooze. Wouldn't recommend it unless you absolutely adore Indie music.


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I watched American Sniper the other day. It got a lot of hype so I was curious. I didn't care for it too much though.


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Get Hard was the last one I went to the cinemas to see, it was entertaining enough. My expectations weren't very high.


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I Origins - fairly dissapointed. I like the story initially and the characters but past the half of the movie it became too cheesy in my opinion.