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Looking for an individual available during American overnights.

You must be a native English speaker.

My expectations are that you will receive tickets, review their contents, and then either:

- Determine if it's a lack of customer education, and then either send a knowledgebase article link or a tutorial from google. 

- Determine if it's a true problem with our servers/hardware/network, and then escalate the ticket to someone else for resolution.

That's it. My expectations are to respond to the ticket within 30 minutes (and this window will shrink over time). I expect that it should not take more than 2 minutes to read, disposition, and respond to each ticket. The starting rate is $2.00 USD per ticket. Expect to receive between 4 and 15 tickets per night.

Please send me a PM; there's more criteria/information if you're interested.
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Amurica covers an 8 hour time zone differential, You might want to specify a zone :)

Good rate of pay for very little work, I hope you find someone good :)


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Native English speakers...

Well, it depends what kind of English, I am sure the Bahamas English or the Kenya English is probably worst than mine because it mingled in time with local accent and languages while I learned/learnt from US/UK English sources.
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