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Limited Time Server Specials from Total Server Solutions.  Check 'em out, right here. When they're gone, they're gone!

You already know that we offer fully managed servers at great prices. But, you may wonder what happens to the used servers when a customer upgrades to new hardware. The older servers make their way to our Limited Time Server Specials (LTSS for short)! Our LTSS offerings are comprised of equipment that's been used in one of our data centers but is currently sitting idle. We want to get the equipment back into service and the best way to do is to offer it at a deeply discounted rate. When these sell out, they're gone! If you want a great server at the best possible price our LTSS program is for you! Buy today though because these servers won't be available for long.

These servers are sold unmanaged.

We're keen on keeping your costs down. Everything available through our LTSS program is offered as an unmanaged dedicated server. This keeps your costs low and helps us put equipment back in service. Don't worry though, if you need help all of our top tier management services can always be added as needed.

Are there any purchasing restrictions?

Because these servers are available at special rates, for limited times we do have some restrictions in place for ordering. Servers from our LTSS program are available only to first time buyers. If you're an existing customer, you can't switch from your existing server over to one of these specially priced servers. Once you order your server, you cannot downgrade. Don't worry though, you can upgrade your discounted server as much or as little as you'd like.

Where are these servers available?



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The IPMI's do we actually get java console accessibility or is it just linked into your ubersmith for reboots?