Livescribe digital pen - anyone using?


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Anyone here own any of the Livescribe pen input devices?

Looking for input on those and general sentiments by users.  Good?  Bad? 
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I actually bought one of those during my college undergrad. As far as the digital portions go (the sound and handwriting recording) it worked very well. My biggest complaint (and ultimately the reason I stopped using it) was due to my frustration with the poor quality ink that they used. I'm picky about my writing utensils and I like to have smooth, nice flowing ink (either gel pens or good quality roller pens). Considering the price of the pen, it was a giant irritation that the writing experience was akin to using a cheap dollar-store pen where you occasionally have to scribble to get the ink flowing. That was about five years ago so maybe they have improved the system since then.


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A friend of mine has one and she loves it. I played around with it and it was pretty neat.