Looking for a summer internship


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I Hope the word summer in the title didn't scare everyone off.  I'm looking for a legitimate, paid internship this summer with an established VPS company.

Little bit about me:

My name is Chris and I've been a lurker/member of this community, and more specifically, LowEndTalk for nearly three years now. In that time I've grown from not even knowing what a VPS even was, to setting up, configuring, securing, and managing a VPS in my sleep (figuratively of course). I'm a 24 year old US citizen and I live in Washington State.

The reason that I would like an internship this summer is that I'm close to graduating from university and I'd like to have an internship in a field that interests me and is applicable to my major.


While I have been a VPS user during these past few years, I have learned a lot, but still have a ways to go. My major does have an IT focus, but since it is a Microsoft shop, the focus was on Windows, AD, Exchange, etc. The networking knowledge does crossover though and the database class did focus on applicable things like MySQL. On my own I have taken the time to learn and practice with virtualization via Proxmox, and basic hosting with cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, and Webmin.

I'm also familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and have currently taken a liking to CakePHP. I'm definitely nowhere near someone like joepie91 's level though.

Why you would want me:

Besides my witty dry humor? Because I am passionate about this industry and want to learn more and help a company I admire and respect.

More information:

If you are interested or you would like more information, such as my resume and personal information about me, please send me a PM so we can discuss in private.


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Good luck man! I know there are a handful of providers out there who could benefit from someone with some knowledge. Have you tried contacting anyone directly?