Looking for remote work


Dedi Addict
Hello there!

I am currently looking for part-time employment or freelance work.

I am looking for some level 1-2 ticket handling as well as technical support for managed hosting. I am extremely self motivated to work and also work well with teams. I have much experience working with networks, databases, linux, Window Server as well as some light programming. I also learn very quickly and can adapt to new situations easily.

  • Experience with multiple virtualization platforms.
  • Experience with multiple OS/platforms such as Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Windows.
  • Speak english natively and write using proper grammar.
  • Available most days of the week with flexible hours
  • Can help with support tickets, Email, Forums, IRC/IM, Live Chat
  • Experience with customer service and on location work/spec work.
Please send a PM or contact me via Skype (@brendancarlson) if interested.

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