Looking for someone with SQL knowledge

D. Strout

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Hey all! I claim to be a programmer, but I really don't know my SQL. Now I'm in the middle of a project where I need to put together some more complex queries with joins. I could use some pointers and recommendations in terms of setting up tables and querying them properly. I am willing to pay, $20 per hour of consultation, if you have a good, solid knowledge of SQL and can answer all my questions helpfully. I'm thinking working over Skype with you having phpMyAdmin access to my DB. Probably one or two hours' work. PM me if you can help.


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I would suggest you post questions here and have them answered, its generally how forums work.

D. Strout

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I considered doing it that way, but I have several questions whose answers I'm sure will lead to further questions. And I want to have someone who can look at my current setup, which isn't easy to post on a forum. That sort of thing sounds more like consultation to me.


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I am not an expert with SQL, but does lots of work with SQL queries. If you can share me the the setup and what you need to achieve, I can give it a try in my free time, if its not so mission critical for you.