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Looking for VPS reseller program that does not require deposit, I have over 60 units that would eventually be moved over.  I need panel access to create/delete/assign etc.

Looking for multiple DC locations as well, a provider with at least 3 locations available to me. I need Xen, OpenVZ and HVM.

Billing I am currently doing on a monthly basis based on my usage each month, I need to continue this setup.

Please post your offers or PM me them in the format of price per spec as that's how I am currently paying and want to stay paying if possible:

HDD = $X/m per 10GB

BW = $X/m per 5TB

IP = $X/m

RAM = $X/m per 1GB

Xen, OpenVZ and HVM prices separately please, and please include pricing for WHM and Windows licenses also.


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You should look into OVH for the time being then. 

They recently opened a NA datacenter, and their prices are the lowest on the planet to say the least.


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OVH and expensive? nice one.
I would have to agree. On a side note, we do offer VPS resellers. We do not have Xen, only OpenVZ, and our pricing structure is not in your format.
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@Supicioso A tad bit expensive and no panels for my clients.
OVH is probably one of the cheapest dedicated providers, you may be well off getting your own panel and just installing it on the baremetal hardware. Maybe Proxmox would suffice for your usage as a panel.


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Ah you're the one who opened the ticket.

I've never used them so I can't vouch for the quality of their service but URPad has this.
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Hi there! We at GreenValueHost would be happy to provide you with custom OpenVZ and Xen Paravirtualization VPS Reseller accounts.

Below is our resource pricing which I'm sure you'll find both affordable and satisfactory. Our servers are located in New York.


SATA HDD: $2 per 10GB Disk Space

Bandwidth: $15 per 5TB Bandwidth. $5 per 1TB

IPv4: $1.25 per IP Address

RAM: $2.50 per 1GB Memory

Xen Paravirtualization

SATA HDD: $3 per 10GB Disk Space

Bandwidth: $15 per 5TB Bandwidth. $5 per 1TB

IPv4: $1.00 per IP Address

RAM: $4.00 per 1GB Memory

cPanel/WHM VPS Optimized Licenses: $12.95/month each.

If you are interested, please open up a ticket to our sales department here and tell us what resources you'd like. Please make sure to mention this thread.



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How much volume in terms of GB of RAM consumed are you looking at reselling?  We have a sliding reseller price schedule based on volume.