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Hello there!

I am a student studying Computer Information Systems. I am currently studying for my A+ and CCNA Certifications. I have 3 years of experience working as an IT Technician/Systems Administrator. I am very good with customers and I can communicate using proper English and grammar.

I am looking for Level 1-3 support/ticket work on a part time basis and am flexible with hours. I can also support and help users with application installation, database management and simple scripting. I am familiar with all major hosting environments (OVZ, KVM, Xen...). 

I am a quick study and can learn any software or systems that you or your company may be using. I can also quickly learn what is needed and take on pretty much any tech support role required.

If you have any other questions feel free to email me - [email protected]
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A Small Orange was needing people a while back. They're not a lowend company, so they're a good company to work for. Health/dental/vision insurance, can work remotely, good pay and encourage you to be active in your local community by paying you to do community service (will pay up to 8 hours a month of you spending time helping out locally).

JaguarPC was also needing some help a while back, I applied but didn't get the job as they needed a L3 tech and I do mostly L1/L2 stuff. Good starting pay, can work remotely, I believe benefits are offered as well after XX amount of days.

In all honesty, most job offers you'll get here or on LET will be pay per ticket, small weeky/bi-weekly or monthly pays and lot of 'under the table' dealings. I'd just skip all that and apply for an established company that isn't in the low-end market that can afford to pay their employees a living wage.


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Are you familiar with cpanel? Looking to offer managed cpanel services.

Unmanaged vps aren't that ticket intensive.
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Based on my experiences, you either work for multiple low end providers or one large host. The difference is really just the amount of work required and employment benefits.

Of course its important to build up trust when working for multiple companies, preferably work in different departments and be open about it.