Los Angeles and Las Vegas Dedi Providers?


Please recommend dedicated server providers around Los Angeles or Las Vegas location, with budget not surpassing $170.

Here's what I know so far: Versaweb, CC and sub-brands, Quadranet

I appreciate if you can also leave a small feedback on your recommended providers.

Thanks a lot! :D


Unfortunately, Silverknight is merging with HostNIC and moving all servers to Florida. That's why I am looking to move, or at least transfer to Versaweb if they will permit.


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HostNIC?  Unfamiliar with them.  Anyone have a link?

Count me as surprised about this merger.  I thought the owner of SilverKnight was a Vegas resident and committed to the region there.   Florida is a far away place.


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For LA, I would definitely give budgetVM (enzu) a shot. Friendly and knowledgeable staff and route optimized network. steve and Nicks knows what they are doing and Their sales guy, Mike, who is also active here is a really nice person to work with.
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We have servers in LA via our WireSix brand,

Dual L5520, Dual E5620, E3-1240's and many more in stock, we can do any configuration :)