Mail ending up in SPAM FOLDER GMAIL ?


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Ive been trying to stop my WHMCS mail from going into my SPAM filter on Gmail.  When I read the header it says I pass the ip tests for designated sender yet it is still labelled SPAM.  I have done the usual SPF entry in DNS made my email in WHMCS send as text.  Hope someone can give a bit of advice.

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rDNS on IP?

Although I would recommend using an email delivery service like Amazon SES, Mandrill, or SendGrid. It guarantees inbox delivery and is trusted by email providers.
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We have two instances of WHMCS and have no problems. Are you using the PHP Mail or SMTP?

On SPF make sure your box is explicitly specified to send email from your domain.


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Are you signing your emails? If not I would give DKIM a try. Seems to have helped in my case.


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I have researched this issue numerous times and hotmail has been the worst - some of the things you may look at is the actual IP you sending from - is it flagged?

rDNS also adds to that -

Have your IP ever been used for marketing campaigns?


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Did you get a bad IP to start with? I know in the past I got a blacklisted IP before I even used it :(