More site spamming..


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Got this in a PM:

Sent Today, 05:41 PM

You are invited to post your tutorials on a new, fresh and growing vps community. You can share your knowledge to a wide audience.

... URL

With all due respect to this great forum :, we will appreciate your participation : URL
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Yeah, the cunt's been banned. I also deleted all of his PMs, he sent out 38.


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Thanks @MannDude!  
No problem.

I just woke up but had a message on G+, Skype, and multiple people reported the content so was notified when I also logged into vpsBoard. Haven't checked IRC yet, probably notified there too.

Thanks to those who reported it. ;)


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I just got home and saw that... That's not the way to get visitors... lol

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Got one too. In your dreams, buddy. But then I checked it out anyway B) It's a small site using Xenforo, a little over 100 members, not that busy. Much rather be here :)


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Curious, was he an active member on vpsboard or someone new who signed up to spam their forum?