Multiple storage servers needed (VPS)


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Hello all, I'm in need of multiple VPS servers for storage purposes. I'm looking for 2-3 servers, ideally with different providers and different locations.

Storage: 20GB (each VPS)

Location: Any

Price:  < $5/m for each container

Exceptions: No ColoCrossing, Ecatel or HackForums hosts.


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We can bump our 512 MB Budget VPS up to 20 GB storage and down to 400 GB bandwidth:

Chicago (SingleHop)

20 GB storage

512 MB RAM

400 GB bandwidth

KVM virtualization

$4.00/mo (open ticket after order to change)
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If you want storage, I can help you out. I have a KVM server in PhoenixNap DC that I could set you up on.

Space: 40GB

Ram: 512

Bandwidth: 500GB @ 100mbps

OS: Linux? You choose

IP's: 2

Price: $5.00 per month

Let me know, I'll message you a order link.