Must Read Sites, Ebooks and Resources you Recommend


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I am a big reader.   Figure most of you probably are also.  Even if not the traditional book route.

What are some of the sites, resources, etc. you currently use for your varied interests?   

Do we have some folks who like their paper e-readers (Kindle, Nook, etc.?)  Folks using those for PDFs, mobile books and limited web reading also?
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I don't do ebooks much, because they suck:

  • can't give to a friend
  • can't sell used
  • can't buy used
  • can't donate to library
  • DRM nonsense
  • cost more
PDFs...yes, a ton, but I work in IT and lots of big companies publish white papers, manuals, etc. on PDFs.  iPad + Goodreader is excellent.  If I get a PDF with a book, that's fine on my iPad as well.

I do checkout ebooks from the library sometimes.

I still read a lot of paper because I'm into history and art, and there's a whole lot cheap paper for those fields.  On the other hand, I'm traveling for work for a week and for reading it's just my jammed-full iPad and The Economist in my bag.  Oh, and an iPod Classic filled with movies/tutorials but that's a different story :)

So...for IT stuff...web + web downloaders/savers + PDF.  Other stuff - paper.  Lot of Amazon Marketplace and local shop (fortunate to have a huge city-block-sized book store here - Powell's, who also sells online).