[Need] Reliable cPanel Reseller (RU/LUX/LIT/NL.. etc)


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I am looking for a reliable provider who offers cPanel/WHM reseller. SSD would be preferable with fast servers and reliable support. I'd like support for Private DNS also.

Bitcoin as a payment option would preferred. Nothing illegal is being hosted just a eCommerce shop selling event merchandise. Need a host by the end of this week. 


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Yep, no, likely not happening - I dont know anyone that accepts BTC in this countries.
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i have a server in latvia which runs a few personal websites, what type of specs do you need? i could probably set you up with a reseller account, now just so you know, i'm not a actual web host, i just have a latvian dedicated server with cpanel installed. i don't run a web host.

we could work out a price, got a 500gb hard drive on the machine, 4gb ram, 2 clean ips (not blacklisted), 5tb bandwidth, cpanel licensed, i'm only using 10gb of that hard drive, and 1 ip address.

pm me if you're interested.