Need WP/Cart66 customization or Custom Developed Solution - $200


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I posted this on LET, but gonna check here too. Somebody from LET was gonna do it but they fell through, so I'm looking for somebody else.
Budget: $200
Need something to do automatic recurring billing on a one time (non recurring), or weekly or biweekly basis.
Also the people need to be able to choose from a list of dates during checkout, which will be input from the admin side.
Then we need to be able to pull up the deliveries that day (recurring included) from the admin side.
From within the customer's account page they need to be able to pause/resume.
A cron needs to run every thursday/friday that will disable the pause/resume for the following monday's delivery.
We got quotes of $131, 195, and $160, but it would take too long.
Also the customer's first delivery must be 25% discounted from $129 to $97 only once per account.
Justin Johnston from BlueVM was gonna do it, but he had some military duties to take care of so refunded the 50% up front payment.
Would need to be completed within a week.
You can either customize WordPress/Cart66 which we have, or you can build a custom solution. It doesn't matter.
Please email me if you want to do it, shovenose(at)hotmail(dot)com