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Datacenter location Hivelocity Tampa, Florida

Web Hosting, VOIP, Email Servers, Storage, Development Projects, Gaming, Databases

Single Processors From $125/month
3.3GHz Quad-Core E3-1230 v3 Haswell Xeon



5000 GB/Month Standard - 100 Mbps Port

Web Hosting, Budget VPS Hosting, VPN, Email Servers, Pbx VOIP, Load Balancers

Dual Processor From $310/month

2 x 2.5GHz Quad-Core E5-2609 v2 Ivy Bridge Xeon

Dual Processor From $310/month


10000 GB/Month Standard - 1Gbps Port

Enterprise Hosting Solutions, Rendering, VPS Hosting Solutions, Data Mining

Quad Processor From $1300/month

4 x 1.86GHz Hexa-Core E7-4807 Westmere Xeon



10000 GB/Month Standard - 1Gbps Port

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Use promo code: BK7JAYU04 to get 25% off for new clients only

The pricing matrix for IPs is as follows. Please look it over and let us
know if you have further questions.

Each server includes 3 IPv4s for free.

IPv6 is available upon request Initial assignment is 2 IPv6 Address primary from rack for free.

Secondary IPv6 assignments are routed to the first of the two primary

Additional IPv4s are $3.00/month each.

All Additional IPs (v4) are sold in (CIDR) subnet blocks.
All Additional IPv6 are sold in Prefix


/29 = $15.00/month (5 Usable IPs) 
/28 = $38.00/month (13 Usable IPs)
/27 = $85.50/month (29 Usable IPs)
/26 = $180.00/month (61 Usable IPs)
/25 = $328.50/month (125 Usable IPs)
/24 = $750.50/month (253 Usable IPs)


All Additional IPv6 Prefix's are routed to server.

/64 = $2.50/month (18,446,744,073,709,551,616 IPs)

Largest assignment per server is /56

/63 = $5.00/month 2 x /64 addresses 
/62 = $10.00/month 4 x /64 addresses.
/61 = $20.00/month 8 x /64 addresses.
/60 = $40.00/month 16 x /64 addresses.
/59 = $80.00/month 32 x /64 addresses.
/58 = $160.00/month 64 x /64 addresses.
/57 = $320.00/month 128 x /64 addresses.
/56 = $640.00/month 256 x /64 addresses.

If you wish to proceed with the additional IP allocation, please specify
which block size you would like and confirm you agree to the additional cost. We can then proceed with the requested allocation just submit a request and we will process it out.

1. When we assign additional IPs like this, our employees are instructed to verify that we do in fact have the required, completed authorization form on file that is submitted when a new account is opened. As long as this is received and on file, we are able to proceed with IP allocations once we have the justification.

If you wouldn't mind, please follow the link below to the credit card authorization form, print the form and get it completed and signed. Then scan and email the completed form along with a copy of the credit card used for payment back to our billing department. We only need to see the last 4 digits of the card number on the card copy, so you can black out everything else if you wish.

Authorization Form

EMAIL: [email protected]

2. Another requirement for customers using more than the standard 6 IP allocation is to have a credit card on file. This credit card does not need to be setup to auto bill, so you would still have control over the information that is on file and when it is used for payment. If you agree, we will simply use the card information that is provided on the form when you send it in. We will leave the auto-bill turned OFF so that you can manually make the payment whenever you get a new invoice. Unless of course you prefer to keep the card on file set to auto-bill, in which case it would process payment on that card automatically when your invoices are generated.

Questions or comments can get posted here or submitted at

Terms of service: 
Acceptable usage policy: 
Service level agreement:
Billing agreement:
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