NEW Video: Watch the QuadraNet Team Build Dozens of Servers!


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Alright so a lot of us in this community buy and sell VPS's, and it's so convenient that we do it all at the comfort of our computers at home - so the question is how many times do you actually get to see what gets done behind the scenes when building and bringing an actual server online at a datacenter?


Figured that we'd do a time lapse video of our provisioning crew building a batch of brand new servers at our work bench from the ground-up to give you guys an idea of what it's like from start to finish.




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Dude, that's work.   The kids just pay [name the manufacturer] to do all that and uptick em.

And yuck, you employ humans to do work....  Terrible capitalists.
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That poor guy, he probably has back pains already. You should get him a higher work bench. Or a chair with wheels.

I can imagine doing this for hours can be quite tiring and would result in back strain.

But good work nonetheless :)