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Love the new website. Let's see if they willing to release Winamp for Linux under new management, and improve shoutcast.

atmlink to download Shoutcast broken, can't purchase new license to stream MP3


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Thank you for this information. Winamp is not important for me but I worried about shoutcast.


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I am a fan of Shoutcast, both the server and the directory...

Hopefully new ownership invests in Shoutcast and development.  It has stagnated for a long time.


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I love shoutcast, always have - I think the new ownership can potentially take it to new places and give it that overhaul it has needed for some time now.


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Didn't WINAMP die, or got sold, or something? I liked that player, so retro :p


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Didn't WINAMP die, or got sold, or something? I liked that player, so retro :p
AOL sold Winamp to Radionomy I believe. Hopefully Shoutcast will continue to be the great server software that it is! I quit using Winamp when Spotify came out. I prefer paying $4.99/month rather than buying each individual song.


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I don't remember when I started to use WinAmp, but I believe when it's still in beta. Long long time ago :) 


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I really hope that the acquisition and new development works out for the better -- I've been using WinAMP for well over a decade, and it's the one piece of software that continues to stick around. To see it shrink in feature set would be unfortunate.


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Finally ! Some kick-in to that old bad ass player :p

VLC took over Wimamp is audience usage.