New Year's resolutions - 2016


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So what's your resolutions for the new year?

Mine are:

  • Hardware

    Move your ass out of the Windows-Hardware-Versium -> use ARM


  • Stop using only fancy programming languages. Back to the roots -> use PHP


  • Stop using only FreeBSD and Debian-> use CentOS.

[*]Soft skills

  • Deep dive into conflict management -> only complain when you want to change it


  • Focus.


  • Find a new sport activity you can exercise regardless of weather


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Hardware-wise, I'm excited about ARM as well. :) For software and OS, it's the other way around for me -- less PHP (pick up Python, not sure if that counts as "fancy") and stop using only CentOS (try FreeBSD).

I will focus on positive actionable elements, and let people address their own problems (no intervening unless requested).


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Count me in on the ARM bandwagon.  

This is my tech list...

  1.  ARM - use it on LAN and in the datacenter - where feasible
  2. Get back to lowly resources on RAM, CPU, etc.  on the LAN and in the DC.  Too many fat pig Intel boxes and they are net loss for hobby use.
  3. Find a decent ARM workstation solution.  Pi's won't cut it, Allwinner chips are driving me batty, unsure where going, but need SATA and ideally USB 3.0 and gigabit, otherwise going backwards years and that's bad way to adopt a platform and say it's interchangeable or competitive.
  4. Filter out more of my internet.   I am on a roll blocking everything.   Ideally I get to automating aspects of it so some detection logic to automatically prune stupid from my networks.
  5. Get transparent cache going.  Squid maybe, such a beast to control, manage, etc.  I hate Squid.  Someone help!
  6. Write more code.   PHP has been on my list for years.  At this point, more BASH, and whatever else I can stand syntax of and rapid to get going with.  I don't want another degree in useless technology to create a whatever software.
  7. Arch Linux.  I am pretty fed up with the Debian world.  Old repos, lagging, compiles for everything.  I feel left out.  Ubuntu is a pig festering hole of privacy doesn't matter proven prior - Amazon on my desktop, wonderful, not.   Linux Mint fails to make a whole lot of sense, and hates my Nvidia card, won't suspend properly and on my 3rd or 4th install and a week or more of lost time.   Arch here I come.  Arch community be it elite and uppity is more in tune with my hobbyist use and active new stuff.  Decent docs out there done this year, not in 2011.
  8. Fedora, I am looking there too as alt desktop.  Unsure how it will go.
  9. Put more content I see onto watch and read later lists.   Shopping around for a self hosted on LAN solution.
  10. Block all cloud crap from my world.
  11. Utilize more on network NAS solutions.  They will need neutered too since they are chatty to home (i.e. Synology and QNAP).
  12. Get a good backup system in place to keep key data secure and replicated 3x.


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Okay I must ask....

Why the CentOS?
I am not stopping to use FreeBSD or Debian. Never.

It is more about getting in touch with the Redhats and Fedoras again - my starting point in the Linux world and in business. Back to the roots.

And I like the idea to write my tutorials for FreeBSD, Debian and CentOS.