Nginx admin guide


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Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Will have to bookmark it and start referencing it. :)


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that for Nginx Plus only ?

NGINX is an open-source web server and web proxy that excels at large scale web integration, application security and web acceleration. NGINX Plus extends NGINX with additional load balancing and application delivery features.
This guide will quickly show you how to use some of the most common features of NGINX and NGINX Plus, once you have installed the software. It covers the following features:
we don't know which tutorial for Nginx and which tutorial for Nginx Plus only.


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that for Nginx Plus only ?
The article's title is "Nginx and Nginx Plus Administration Guide", so I would assume it is for both except where noted (ie. Nginx Plus load balancing and application delivery features).


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A comprehensive and very well written guide here:

Includes advanced topics like rate limiting, load balancing and much more. I guess it has just been released and it looks updated with directives only supported in modern nginx versions.
Nginx is cool, i like to use squid better gives you many options and its not local.