NodeDeploy - [UK] KVM and OpenVZ Specials!


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NodeDeploy* has been in business since early 2012 and is now part of the Xavvo Ltd family. Xavvo has been trading as a publicly registered business since the summer of 2011. NodeDeploy are mostly known for KVM based VPS offers and this is no exception!

These offers are provisioned on new E5 nodes using Adaptec RAID arrays with a minimum of 4 drives.

On to the offers:

1GB KVM Special:
4 Cores E5-2620 1GB Dedicated ram
50GB HW Raid10 Space
1TB Bandwidth
1 x IPv4 and 10 x IPv6 addresses
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1GB OpenVZ Special:
1024MB Guaranteed RAM
512MB VSwap
60GB Raid10 Space
750GB Bandwidth
1 x IPv4 and 10 x IPv6
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All of these plans are provisioned in RapidSwitch, Maidenhead, UK.

If you want a specific ISO uploaded just drop a ticket in and we'll get that sorted for you. Note that you will require your own, legitimate license if you want to run Windows.


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Hello Asim,

We have many customers, it may just be that they are not on this forum or just haven't seen this particular thread. Feel free to try us out, we won't bite :).