NSA project, "X-Keyscore" collects nearly everything you do on the internet.


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Info pulled from Reddit comments, but the facts remain the same: (Training materials for the program)

  • They can gather our cookies.
  • They can gather our web traffic.
  • They're monitoring VPNs.
  • They can track the spread of a particular document throughout the web, straight back to its source.
  • They have access to "all the exploitable machines" (i.e. botnets?, any PC that still has Microsoft vulnerabilities in it, or anything infected with a trojan that makes a machine vulnerable).
  • They have essentially "Google for spies" where they can search for all references of a particular word or phrase.
  • VoIP (Skype, etc) were planned on being tapped into next, back in 2008.
Wonder if they do/can/are monitoring "regular" .onion sites and the Darknet/meshnet/etc.



I kind of hope somebody "accidentally" cuts off the water supply for the datacenter's cooling so that all of the data is destroyed. 

I expected the monitoring to be like this when I first heard about the NSA's monitoring, but I really hoped it wasn't really like this.


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/me is impressed.

I never had much faith in government agencies when it comes to intelligence gathering but my hat is off to the NSA if this is all true. It's hard to believe though but it makes me giddy inside thinking about it.


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Reminds me of that document that was sent to places that offered public internet, like coffee shops and stuff. It was about reporting suspicious individuals who may be engaging in cyber terrorism. The criteria for suspicion was anyone who used a proxy, tried to keep their screen hidden from others, typed in 'code' (could be just programming), etc.

Whats scarier about all of this though, this was from 2008. This is 5 years old. Imagine how the technology has changed.


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They went too far. They have to be dethroned. No other acceptable resolution. All power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Good luck removing theirs peacefully. "The most transparent administration ever." ass.

I realize this reads like I'm about to start the revolution. I won't, but I'll cheer on whoever does.
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 It's probably not as bad over  there.. who knows.  In the UK the shit is hitting the fan with David Cameron wanting internet censorship on "Pornography" Truth is it will remove many other websites, subjects in the governments interests.

And of course, UK has been spying on its citizens and the rest of Europe but its legal apparently.

Privacy is no more.
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Part of me still thinks that these leaks are staged, simply because I can't believe that NSA would lay-out their technologies so conveniently on paper, and in the most laughably amateur presentation. 

But then again, maybe they really are that incompetent. They can search the world's email, but can't search their own?


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Fuck the NSA rectally.

I lol'd in horror about a person who received a visit from the FBI over their Google searches on the family computer.  Yes, someone searched for pressure cooker recipes, backpacks (their son had probably readying for the upcoming school year) and quinoa (a South American grain they cook in their rice maker I suspect).

Anyhow, Google collected that, sniffed their life and the spooks gleaned the info and started background the couples travel history which raised an eyebrow (international traveler).  Turns out as per recent article that the FBI is making upwards of 100 of these home visits a month.  

I don't care what the government whores do.   Yes, they've gone way too far and had  a very long time ago.  Echelon anyone?  How about AT&T spy rooms?  ---- circa 2003 and earlier.

What will happen from this revelation?  Some percentage of the public --- maybe 20% will massively decrease their life online (I know I did years ago and continue to).   5-10% will unplug totally.

Effect will be decline of everything online and the remaining bullshit economy.  If you were paying attention for past 5 years, you would have noticed heaps of sites shuttering operations, lots of ghost operated sites and general disinterest all over the place.

Sad that folks trust these corporations, DARPA, Google (DARPA front), Facebook (another federally funded company), etc.  Death to them all.