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Subsonic for ease of hacking it apart, video and audio streaming, and general feature set is excellent.

Maybe I'll write up a tutorial soon.

Good work jcaleb!
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Old thread I know, but I have additional info for posterity.

I needed to to stream a long list of large spoken word mp3s of various bitrates from a low-specced Kimisufi. It must be totally autonomous, playing tracks from a playlist in specified or random order, and without transcoding.

Icecast2 installed and configured no problem, however I couldn't for the life of me get icegenerator to compile. I tried every flavour of every dependency with no success. Several hours of my life lost right there.

Then I came across a really handy Python script called deefuzzer that could replace icegenerator

It worked instantly for me. No transcoding means low CPU hit. Very happy with the results.

I had previously been streaming live party sets using Mixxx and it's broadcasting function works brilliantly.
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