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Welcome VPS Board Members,

Onra Host is proud to announce our BRAND NEW DESIGN!!!

To celebrate, if you buy any selected shared web hosting plan, you will be automatically UPGRADED to the next possible plan for FREE!!! (Look below for example)


You will receive a discount of 50% OFF FOR LIFE!!!


To make this a even better deal, if your coming from another host you will receive a FREE MONTH OF SERVICE!!!

 ----- More Onra Host Insane Deals!! -----

On any plan, sign up with a Annual payment plan and receive a FREE SIX MONTHS OF SERVICE!!!

 ----- Why Choose Onra Host? -----

Onra Host is 100% NEVER OVERSOLD!!!!

Our competition offers large, unbelievable plans of 100GB or more for around $5/month, or unlimited for $10/month. 99.9% of the time, this practice just doesn't cut it in the long run! To even turn a profit with this model, they must host at thousands of domains accounts….on ONE server! This also means they would need a minimum of 3TB - 5TB of space; Onra would bet money that most, if not all, have no where near that storage capacity on their servers. 

Now your asking, why would they offer those plans then? Cause they bet on YOU, to not use YOUR space, YOUR are entitled to! More importantly, add the fact that now thousands of domains are also going to be hosted on that server with all the other reseller servers. Around the end of the first year, you can rest assured your server will come halting to a snails pace, as the server reaches and surpasses maximum capacity…..if its not doing that already…

At Onra, we only sell to 80% capacity! This means, your server will NEVER run out of storage space, even when users upgrade their packages with us. More importantly, this means you can always rest assured YOUR server's performance will be running at 100%, 100% of the time!!! We bet on YOU using ALL your resources ;)

In short, this allows us to provide a excellent level of quality not only now, but for years, and years to come! We also list a number of features below available for all clients: 

• 90 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee                                                                                                      

• 99.9% Uptime guarantee

• PURE SSD Raid10 Drives, Dual E5 Xeon CPU, and 32GB RAM Servers Minimum

• Continuous Backup Daily - cPanel enabled

• Enterprise grade services at affordable price

• Real Human "non-canned" 24x7x365 tech support with multiple ways of contact 

• FREE Dedicated IP, Domain, and SSL Certificate

Cloud Linux and CloudFlare

Server Specifications

At Onra we only utilize fully-owned (never rented) Dell and HP servers. This allows us to offer and maintain superior and unmatched performance, reliability, uptime, and most importantly a happy customer! In addition, all of our servers are outfitted with 15k SAS drives for maintaining your websites files and SSD drives for delivering blazing fast MySQL processes. Below is a short list of specs home to every server at Onra:

• BRAND NEW Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620 (Hex-Core) 2.0Ghz 15MB Cache -  24 logical cores total with HyperThreading                                                                                                    

• 32GB/48GB ECC Registered DDR3 RAM

• 4x 600GB HP 15k SAS drives in Raid10 - User content

• 2x 600GB HP 15k SAS drives - Hot Spares

• 4x 128GB Samsung SSD 840 Pro in Raid10 - MySQL (BLAZING FAST)

• Enterprise grade services at affordable price

**Newer Servers = 8x 512GB Intel S3500 SSD in Raid10**

**Newer Servers = 8x 512GB Intel S3500 SSD in Raid10**

----- How will it Work? -----

Purchase any shared package using the promotion code provided next to the sign up link. Onra will then upgrade you to the next plan up (done manually by billings agents), which will allow you to receive all the benefits of the upgraded plan!

For example, if you buy our Starter plan for $2.99/month, thats all you would normally get. However, when you use the code 'Onra50Upgrade', you will receive the Hobby package along with everything thats included, AND 50% OFF DISCOUNT FOR LIFE!!!!

Plan Upgrade Chart:

-Starter to Hobby

-Hobby to Business

-Business to Premier

-Premier plans will have space and bandwidth DOUBLED!!!


----- New or Returning Client? -----

This offer applies to new clients and returning clients.

Here at Onra we provide friendly support that will help you in need at every twist and turn of your hosting experience. At Onra we answer and provide support to level 1 - 3 questions, allowing  you to never have to worry about not knowing the answer or solving a completed question. In addition, Onra's experienced and knowledgeable team at have tailored made custom fitted plans, that allow you to launch a powerful cost efficient websites at a price lower than the competition.

If you are moving from another host, Onra offers FREE migration services for ALL of your data!!!! 

What Onra Host will do:

  • Migrate your accounts from your old host
  • Migrate all cPanel settings
  • MySQL databases
  • Sub domains
  • Email accounts and Auto Responders
  • FTP accounts
  • And much more

----- What makes Onra Different? -----

•24x7x365 Technical Support

Onra Host provides you with real 24x7x365 technical support by Live Chat, IM Chat, Ticket Support, Email Support and even chatting with the owner himself.

•Free Domain & Dedicated IP

At Onra you will receive a free Domain and Dedicated IP with select shared hosting plans.

----- Shared Hosting Plans -----

All reseller accounts include the following:

- FREE setup

- 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

- cPanel/WHM Reseller Panel

- Fantastico Deluxe

- Softaculous

- SiteBuilder (RVSiteBuilder Professional)

- RVSkin

- Custom error pages

- Unlimited email accounts

- Unlimited autoresponders

- Unlimited FTP Accounts

- Unlimited Databases

- Unlimited Subdomains, Add-on domains, and Parked domains

- Unlimited Mailing Lists

- Unlimited Forwarders

- 24x7x365 support


Starter - Buy this plan and receive the Hobby plan below! 

• Disk Space: 2,000 MB

• Bandwidth: UNLIMITED

Included Free **Yearly Plan**

• FREE Domain 

• FREE Dedicated IP

Price: $2.99 -  ***PAY ONLY $1.49/month FOR THE HOBBY PLAN BELOW***

Use promo code: Onra50Upgrade - Sign Up HERE


Hobby - Buy this plan and receive the Business plan below!

• Disk Space: 5,000 MB

• Bandwidth: UNLIMITED

Included Free **Yearly Plan**

• FREE Domain 

• FREE Dedicated IP

Price: $4.99 - ***PAY ONLY $2.49/month FOR THE BUSINESS PLAN BELOW***

Use promo code: Onra50Upgrade - Sign Up HERE


Business - Buy this plan and receive the PREMIER Plan below!

• Disk Space: 10,000 MB

• Bandwidth: UNLIMITED

Included Free **Yearly Plan**

• FREE Domain 

• FREE Dedicated IP

Price: $10.99 - ***PAY ONLY $5.49/month FOR THE PREMIER PLAN BELOW***

Use promo code: Onra50Upgrade HERE



• Disk Space: 25,000 MB

• Bandwidth: UNLIMITED

Included Free **Yearly Payment Plan**

• FREE Domain 

• FREE Dedicated IP

Price: $19.99 - ***PAY ONLY $9.99/month***

—**Space will be doubled**—

Use promo code: Onra50Upgrade HERE

----- Still have questions? -----

If you have any questions, then please don't hesitate contact us at any of the options below.

• Sales - sales [at] onrahost [dot] com

• Support ticket at

• Respond to this thread

You are also more than welcome to contact me (the owner) directly at mike [at] Onrahost [dot] com.


- You must use the promotion code(s) provided to take advantage of the promotion.

- Standard terms and conditions of the Onra Host service apply.

- Migration service only allows for up to 30 Accounts to be moved (for more accounts please contact us for.)

SERVER LOCATION - Lansing, MI, US. -  Weekhawken, NJ, USA

10mb test file available upon request

100mb test file available upon request